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  • Make the most of Costa del Sol and especially “El Sol”
  • More than 3200 hours of sun per year Malaga is a perfect place to install solar panels.

  • You can run your own business

  • Produce your own energy and sell to others

  • You can even ask for financial aid from the local authorities, Junta de Andalucia

  • Ask for a free quote.

Calle Pinzon, 1

Mijas Costa, 29649


Mob + 34 652 294 439

Examples of our Solar Panel Installations

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Water Improvement Technology

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The Calcification Problem


Calcification is a menace that doesn't discriminate. It poses a dual threat, both to the smooth the smooth operation of vital equipment and the visual appeal of your surroundings. surroundings.

When calcification takes hold, it triggers a cascade of problems. The financial repercussions can be staggering. Damaged heaters, increased energy costs, overheating nightmares, obstructed pipes, and compromised electrical equipment

A ground-breaking device harnessing the power of piezoelectricity and sound waves to revolutionise water quality. Say goodbye to calcification, pathogens, microorganisms, and

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